It starts out cute, but then it gets weird, but still kinda cute. I don't know what to think actually.

In yet another hilarious instance of "babies doing adult things," we bring you Baby Gaga. She's under 5 and already has her own cell phone!

While there's no doubt it's entertaining, covering her in all that makeup and subjecting her to anything Gaga-related may be crossing the line. Or is it too cute to even matter? (via Buzzfeed)

no, actually it IS to cute to matter.

CELEBRITY cause of death

1. Lindsay Lohan

Duh. Likeliest causes: drugs, alcohol, propensity for being involved in car crashes, child star curse.

  • 2. Justin Bieber

    Likeliest cause: angry teenage mob.

  • 3. Robert Pattinson

    Likeliest cause: slightly older angry teenage mob.

  • 4. Tila Tequila

    Likeliest cause: all life choices.

  • 5. Heidi Montag

    Likeliest causes: implant explosion.

  • 6. Nick Jonas

    Likeliest cause: diabetes.

  • 7. Kendra Wilkinson

    Likeliest cause: STDs.

  • 8. Britney Spears

    Likeliest cause: sadness.

  • 9. Levi Johnston

    Likeliest cause: ATV accident.

  • 10. Ke$ha

    Likeliest cause: alcohol poisoning.

  • 11. Ali Lohan

    Likeliest cause: proximity to Lindsay Lohan.

  • 12. Snooki

    Likeliest cause: assault.

  • 13. Frankie Muniz

    Likeliest causes: race-car driving, child star curse.

  • 14. Mischa Barton

    Likeliest cause: drugs.

  • 15. Taylor Momsen

    Likeliest cause: drugs.

  • 16. Kristin Cavalleri

    Likeliest cause: drugs.

  • 17. Jodie Sweetin

    Likeliest causes: drugs (specifically meth), child star curse.

  • 18. the cast of Glee

    Likeliest causes: exhaustion, teen mobs

  • 19. Jake Gyllenhaal

    Likeliest cause: precipitous fall (of his career.)

  • 20. Amy Winehouse

    Likeliest cause: inevitability.

  • 21. Lady Gaga

    Likeliest cause: strangled by costume.

  • 22. Mary Kate Olsen

    Likeliest cause: strangled by clothes.

  • 23. Jay Cutler

    Likeliest cause: diabetes.

  • 24. Anne Hathaway

    Likeliest cause: nefarious boyfriend.

  • 25. Noah Cyrus

    Likeliest cause: family's life choices.

  • 26. Kirsten Dunst

    Likeliest causes: alcohol poisoning, child star curse.

  • 27. Dakota Fanning

    Likeliest cause: vampires.

  • 28. Jonathan Lipnicki

    Likeliest cause: child star curse.

  • 29. Michael Cera

    Likeliest cause: backlash whiplash.

  • 30. Sienna Miller

    Likeliest cause: vicious girl-on-girl hate.