Auf Wiedersehen old Heidi

Guess the celebrity under all these beautiful additions.
 I will give you a small hint.
 It's Heidi Klum.
Breakdown of the things in this beauty
  • Swarm of flies
  • Hair of that lady who is like evil, and is someones wife... and he is evil too. Like Mrs. Dracula or something
  • Emo punk kid's nose and peircing thing.
  • Body of biggest loser contestant ( before the show, obviously)
  • Spider
  • Goofy fake ears
  • Hand of Britney Spears ( smoking the cigarette)
  • Eyes of Alison  from ANTM
  • Monobrow of a terrorist
  • Old Arab man's teeth and beard
  • Lyrics to that Catchy but dodgy song
( the blond hair in the back is Heidi's)

Weirdly enough that list sounded more like a potion.
And just for old times sake here is the original  picture, AKA the ( insert witty name for picture here) one!