I QUIT! *no, not really*

lets be honest. I don't have a job, and I do not know exactly what job I want and how I am going to get it.
But, thanks to everybody's these peoples wonderful examples  I sure as hell know how I am going to quit.

Steven Slater has gained a special kind of notoriety these past couple days after quitting his flight attendant job after cursing out a customer, grabbing a beer, and sliding down the emergency chute. He ended up being arrested, but imagine the vindication he felt sliding down that chute? Totally worth it

Although now this has been dubbed a hoax  yesterday a girl going by the name of "Jenny" got America's attention by "quitting" her job via dry-erase board. We really hope that someone takes the idea to quit by emailng a photo essay to every employee at the company, especially if it exposes your boss' FarmVille obsession.

Neil Berret wins for most creative resignation letter, which he had written on a sheet cake in frosting. See his Flickr to read the resignation letter. 
A programmer for a company called 2K quit his job by creating a Mario flash game for his employers to play. With each score, the words "I QUIT!" flash incessantly on the screen, providing his ex-bosses with some pleasure with their inconvenience.

I love this so much! This guy wanted to quit his job at Borders. Sounds simple enough, right? But he also wanted to go out with bang. Conveniently, the 7th Harry Potter book was about to be released, so he brought a video camera into the stock room and started revealing the much-anticipated plot. This guy 1, Borders 0

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