oh, you are just PRECIOUS!

I have taken it upon myself to redo the ending of some sad movies so it ends better. Simple enough, right? So, if i may i will start with a movie that is extremely extremely depressing. its all about a fat girl called precious, and she is really really fat! she weighs like 4gabillion tonnes ( exaggeration maybe..) and her dad rapes her, her mum abuses her, she has AIDS and two down syndrome kids. so yeah, pretty much if i was directing the movie this is how it would have ended...

Firstly, we should kill of, her mum, dad and kids cause they just screw up her life even more. They got hit by a school bus.

Next up, is the fact the she is obese. in this case she bruised her shins, and went to get a plaster but accidentally gave herself a gastric bypass ( as you do)

Now, with her new body, she scored a role in a hit new movie and made millions! Not to mention starting of a very promising new acting career.

Next up she read a book, and realized she was not illiterate, but actually really smart ( for years she had been holding the book upside down) she then went to Yale and had a grand old time.

                                     And finally, she had the wedding of her dreams
I think i may have ruined the whole movie, but oh well.

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