FOR YOU CHEWING GUM i'll trade you 2 dollars, a lollipop and my wife

Today I have taken it upon myself to write about WIFESWAP.
well firstly you have a strict family and a mellow family. Now the rule remains the same but in each episode the strict family and the mellow one has a differnce. They are opposites. like one family is obese chicken loving goodness and one is a military style boot camp.
that was actually an episode. LOOK

the show starts with a little intro thingy which always get you excited with things like

then they introduce the families, like i mentioned before they are polar opposites

for the next week the wife will swap families and live their lifestyle.
at first they see the house in which they live in and the camera zooms up all over their schoked expressions. sometimes they even mumur to themselves "i cant believe they can live like this"
at first there is heaps of conflict between the families because of their differences

but after a while they begin to accept each others lifestyles. although normally the mellow wife and the strict husband hate each other till the very end but the strict mum and the mellow dad are best of friends. remember in that episode where the mellow dad who collects pens ended up marrying the wife he swapped. Well i did.
in the end they play that  catchy song to a montage of the couples being reunited.
i almost forgot. in the really old episodes they had 100grand to award the family in the ways they was thought was  nessecery but i guess they have cheaped out.


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